The scheme gives relevant individuals and organisations the opportunity to apply for grants and financial assistance from the Brighter Futures Charity, supported by Larne Football Club.

In February 2020, the charity will launch the Brighter Futures Grant Scheme, where it will disburse financial grants and funding to relevant individuals and organisations in furtherance of our charitable objectives. 


Our vision is to be the charity that supports the people of our community with things that matter to them.

As a community-based charity, local people are at the heart of our objectives. These objectives fall into 3 categories: Sport & Recreation, Business Enterprise and Education & Training.

  1. Sport & Recreation

To promote community participation in healthy sporting activities by providing facilities and grants for the playing of association football and other sports, and for the provision of recreation and leisure-time activities for all in the Larne bounds of the Mid and East Antrim Council area.

  1. Business Enterprise

Provide support for young people and adults to encourage entrepreneurship, business start-up and commercial opportunities through seed funding and other grant aid for all in the Larne bounds of the Mid and East Antrim Council area.

  1. Education & Training

Advance the education and training of children, young people and adults through the provision of funding and support for developmental opportunities that will enable career advancement and the attainment of personal objectives, for all in the Larne bounds of the Mid and East Antrim Council area. 


Our Charity will be a vehicle for development, regeneration and support within our community and will encourage everyone to improve their health and well-being through the provision of access to first class sporting and recreational facilities, grants and other charitable resources.

For more information on how to apply for the Brighter Futures Grant Scheme, please click here 




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